IP Management

The protection of intellectual property by an owner is paramount. We are all aware that the value of a corporation can hinge on the value of its IP. We at iPharma understand this and therefore protect the IP of our partners/principals through whatever means they choose within the regulatory framework of the territories. Our services include: Evaluation of dossiers in terms of local guidelines; Assisting the principal with additional information necessary; Compiling dossiers into the format for the territories; Monitoring the registration process throughout its lifecycle; and the subsequent maintenance and retention of the Marketing Authorisations in the territories.


Each country differs in its approach to the marketing of complimentary, OTC and ethical medicines. We understand and endeavour to maximise the allowed marketing activities within our territories. This can include key opinion leader interaction; continued professional education seminars for healthcare professionals; launching new products through launch events to healthcare professionals and the trade (as allowed); above and below the line marketing activities within the parameters of the legislation. International marketing campaigns are adhered to for those products that would benefit from them and local campaigns can be conceived, produced and implemented with cooperation of the principal.


Sales is the lifeblood of any successful company. iPharma lives and breathes by the success of our sales. All our principal agreements are designed to maximize the benefit for both parties only when the sales to, and the consumption by the patient take place. iPharma covers all the trade channels in the territories either through our own sales force or through dedicated channel/territory specific agents. We pride ourselves on our ability to generate sales and continuously strive to take market share.


To be a southern African pharma partner with a difference


A pharma company that delivers on the following ideals:

  • Placing patient needs above all else

  • Providing quality, effective, safe, affordable medicines

  • Exceeding customer expectations

  • Reflecting the spirit of Africa, its communities and its environment

  • Creating value for all stakeholders


The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for taking care of the most precious aspect of life, our health.

iPharma embraces this obligation, understanding the southern African people’s needs and focuses on making a difference.

Our core values ensure we follow through on our vision by:

  • Always being customer focussed and delivering service beyond the expected

  • Having the inspiration, passion and the energy for excellence in all we do

  • Teamwork and transparency with all stakeholders

  • Being performance driven to always achieve results

  • Displaying high ethical standards Enjoying what we do


South Africa is the highest regulated market in the SADC region and requires a similar level of information as the European Union. The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) is the Regulatory Authority and is an associate member of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-Operation Scheme (PIC/s), closely following their cGMP guidelines. Applications for registration are in CTD format with additional local requirements in module 1 including the marketing authorisation holder to be a local registered and licensed pharmaceutical company, local labelling information, expert CV’s, details of foreign registrations and contractual issues with principals and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient suppliers. There is no formal mutual recognition of registration between the countries in the SADC region but products can be “pre-qualified” if registered in South Africa and some registrations are possible only after a tender is successful.

iPharma is equipped to be the marketing authorisation holder, managing intellectual property, facilitating marketing & sales initiatives and ensuring all regulatory requirements in each territory are met.


Meeting challenges is the team’s daily motivation.

Incorporating regulatory, financial, marketing and sales competencies in the management team delivers on today’s requirements and ensures our future success. People are the key to effectively sourcing suitable medicines that have a positive impact in the market and supplying an above average service to the customer and their patients. iPharma is proud to boast a knowledgeable, professional and results driven management team with over 85 years combined experience in the pharma industry.


Partnerships like all good relationships, grow with time. There is only one way to ensure sustainable relationships and that is to maximise the contribution of each partner to ensure a commercially mutually beneficial outcome. iPharma offers the front end logistics to the market, while relying on the back end of its principals offering the research & development, intellectual property, integrated manufacturing and cost effective supply. Our principals are selected based on mutual respect and trust, shareholder and management ethics, long term relationship strategy, a win-win commercial philosophy and finally a relevant and growing product pipeline.

iPharma believes that partnering requires:

  • Full transparency in all negotiations and post agreement transactions

  • Flexibility accommodating principals resident country requirements

  • Fast and decisive action from management

  • Facilitate our principal’s product sales in southern Africa across their full range

  • Maximise market penetration

  • Timeous and relevant market information


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